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Easy Work From Home


Phone: (619)342-1642
Location : San diego, Alabama United States
Views: 475
Price: $ 92,103.00


Work From Home

Assembling Products- No experience necessary!

Vista Publications has hundreds of companies that will guarantee you work in your own

home immediately! Earn extra money from the comfort of your own home without the

headaches and costs of gas, child care and traffic! Work as little or as much as you

wish, you make your own hours because you are your own boss! Sound too good to be true?

It\'s all in our Home Workers Guide! With our 100% money back guarantee, you have nothing

to lose and everything to gain!


Beaded Jewelry, CD cases, Fishing lure, Key chains, Magnets, Bookmarks, Candles, Stuffed



Customer Service, Mystery Shoppers, Medical Billing, Data Entry

Home workers needed now!

Do you want to be your own boss? Vista Publications can help you with that. To get

started, just complete the registration below and we will RUSH the home workers guide to

your home so you can get started right away!

Please Enclose $35 (shipping included) or include $10 extra for RUSH delivery

Choose Method of Payment: Money Order, Check, Cash, or Mastercard/Visa

*Orders paid by check are held for ten business days regardless of when the check clears

your account. If you are using a credit card, please use card holder\'s name and billing

address. All credit card orders can only be shipped to the card holder\'s billing address.

To get started right away print it out,fill it out and send it in.







ID code:

Exp Date:

Authorized/Enclosed Amount:



Mail payment to: Vista Publications 325 W. Washington St. #2311, San Diego CA 92103


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