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Discover the Power of Consciousness bring an overall Abundance in your life.


Phone: 877-493-4092
Location : Las Vegas, Nevada USA
Views: 203


Join the Trivedi Retreat ‘Consciousness is Power’, where Mahendra Trivedi and other Trivedi Masters™ - Alice Branton and Dahryn Trivedi will offer Energy Transmissions, practical discourses and discuss ways to raise your level of consciousness and experience transformation and abundance in your life.

The regular price of the Trivedi Retreat is $400, but you can avail a Discount of $100 on Early Bird registrations open till 14th March 2014... So grab this valuable opportunity and begin your journey of transformation…!!!

For more information about the Trivedi Retreat, or to register, please visit: www.trivedieffect.com/raise-your-consciousness-level/

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