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The defects of ball mill


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Location : zhengzhou, Alabama henan
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The Ball Mill faults:

(1) work efficiency is low, the power consumption unit.

(2) the ball mill barrel rotational speed is low (about 15 ~ 27 r/min), if you use ordinary motor that. The average all need equipped with expensive reducer.

(3) grinding medium in the impact and grinding materials at the same time, its itself and the ball mill barrel lining etc parts were also strip mill, the metal materials consumption greatly. But has made a variety of resistant alloy mill medium and the lining board, make the unit of metal materials consumption materials greatly decreased.

(4) when operating noise, and with strong vibration.

This shows, improve the ball grinding efficiency, reduce the power consumption unit and the mill equipment manufactu

The defects of ball mill
  • The defects of ball mill - photo 1
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