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Monthly Cruise Deal as low as $69.00 for members only


Location : Alabama
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I am a member of Dreamtriplife, and each month they offer a first come for serve low price cruise for their members. This price does not include taxes, gratuity, or air fare, but it is still a great savings. This group offers guaranteed lowest price trip and vacation packages. Just as any other membership group, there is a cost to join. However, they give back your membership fee in the form of a credit toward a dream trip of your desire, if you join before September 30, 2013. There is a monthly fee, but on the anniversary date of your joining the club they will credit the entire amount of your monthly fees towards a dream trip of your choice. Okay think about it, what will you lose? Nothing, your desire is to travel. All of the money that you pay is going toward your travel. You will save money on your trip. You will have the opportunity to get membership only pricing. The money that you pay monthly will guarantee that you have the money to take a trip or two. I cannot make it any simpler for you. Do you really want to travel, save money, and go to those places that you are thinking about? Check it out www.crob1245.dreamtripslife.com

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