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Looking for 20,000 Americans that care enough to change the life of a teen


Location : Baltimore, Alabama
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Americans we are considered the most giving people in the world. Our organization has developed a program to help improve the life of teenagers. We want to give them a chance to change the way they live in the future. We intend to teach 1500 high school student through our Youth Readiness and Leadership Development Project. The program consists of CPR and home safety training. Five students will be trained to be CPR instructor, and will be used as Co-trainers in community courses. Twenty students will a receive CAN/GNA certification course through the American Red Cross. In order to chance the lives of these teens we need the help of 20,000 caring Americans to donate $10.00 to this program. We are a 501 (c) 3 non-profit and your donation is tax deductible. We truly appreciate you help, and if you know of others, who would be willing to donate for such a fine cause, please pass this information along to them. To make a donation go to http://npo.justgive.org/hssff thank you very much.

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