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Legal and Corporate Training MS Word 2007-10 


Phone: 888-422-0692
Location : New York, New York United States
Views: 199
Price: $ 185.00


Three ways to learn:

1. You can come to us 

2.  Phone and/or shared screen

3.. In person corporate training as well. Take yourself or your staff to the next level.

Are you currently working?  Are you in between jobs?  Either way we can help you.

Those of you who are working and have been using in-house or third party software your native word skills tend to suffer.  We can help you to make sure that your 2007-10 skills are up to date.  If for some reason you needed to leave your present position and you had to take a native word test at an agency or company location it is training like ours that will make the difference and bring you up to date and competitive.

For those of you in between jobs, we can make sure your skill set is up to date and your knowledge is that of a top secretary or top word processing operator.  You want to be able to compete in the job market with confidence and clarity of all subject matter that is expected of you.   When you need to test at an agency or firm you will already be quite familiar with the material and routine thus greatly enhancing your chances for success.

Invaluable Word Processing Training at a Affordable Price.  $185.00 in person  Downtown Manhattan.  Normally $200.00.  Those who sign up on our website pay ) 185.00


$165.00 phone class or shared screen  5 hours plus homework included. 

Go to advanceto and click on the "Training" button today!  We do in-person and phone classes.  An affordable way to get invaluable training.  Agency Test Prep for Hands On Testing and "Prove it"'type prep.

On LinkedIn:  Greatly add to your knowledge base:  join "AdvanceTo Legal Word Processing Training Q&A Forum" amazing articles, tips and tricks.

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