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Buy High Grade Mdpv Mdai Am 2201 Methylone Jwh O18 Queensland


Location : Maimi, Florida USA
Views: 322
Price: $ 120.00


We sell and supply high quality and purity research chemicals in both large and small quantities worldwide and located in USA. Our shipping and delivery cost is 100% safe and convinient. We are ready to sell minimum quantities and large deliveries to the world of our product. Below is a list of currently available on your product;

products :MDPV,Methylone,4-MEC,4-FA,JWH 210,JWH 122,AM 2201,JWH

250,5-IAI,RCS-4,all 2c series

purity : 99.8%

Delivery fee :$50(delivery is discretely done )

Delivery time :2-3 days

Country of origin: USA

MDPV (methylenedioxypyrovalerone)

Mephedrone (4-MEC) Replacement

Methylone (bk-MDMA)

Ketamine hcl crystal powder

JWH-018 /



JWH-073,JWH-200,JWH-2 , 50-JWH-250

AM 2201





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