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Condotel Units in Shaw Blvd.,


Phone: +639303307839
Location : Mandaluyong, Alabama Philippines
Views: 257
Price: $ 93,860.00


Have you ever dreamt of a passive income?

Would you consider hotel income streams?

Of course, owning a hotel needs billions of capital, not to mention management and

maintenance. Even marketing to lure in guests to check-in is tiresome. Having a real

estate hotel is a great income generating machine but its costs a lot of capital, energy,

time and headaches and you just have all those resources to own one...

Unless you know Lancaster Atrium Condotel Units

You can earn hotel passive income but no need to put up billions for the whole hotel

No vacancy problems, earn every month all year round!

Professional maintenance of building and units, as great as first class hotels

Superior passive income, daily rate of hotels far exceeds monthly rate of ordinary rental


Hands-free ownership, hotel management takes care of due bills and taxes

Let's cut the chase, all you need to do is grab any units of Lancaster Atrium

conveniently located along Shaw Blvd, walking distance to Starmall and other malls

around Crossing intersection.

here's a sample of Suite:

FA: 28.42

Price: 3,831,016

35% DP: 1,340,855 (payable upto 2years)

Monthly Payment: 35,726.57

Fully-fitted and fully-furnished even utensils, bedsheets, and all acessories needed for

hotel guests occupants!

This opportunity might be the right one for you. Don't close this without asking

CONDOTEL CONCEPT and payment options.

Contact: Noel at 0917.865.6635

Email at chevheno@gmail.com

Condotel Units in Shaw Blvd.,
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  • Condotel Units in Shaw Blvd., - photo 2
  • Condotel Units in Shaw Blvd., - photo 3
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